"It's WAFL, not ordinary waffles"A global chain that comes with the widest range of sweet and savoury waffles, WAFL, is the "place to be at" for any waffle lover.WAFL is modelled as a quick service restaurant, with a diverse menu comprising waffle meals, snacks and beverages to suit any time of the day. The menu comprises a variety of vegetarian options, thus extending the taste & goodness to every possible customer. Featuring Corn dogs, Hong Kong WAFL, Belgian WAFL, WAFL Pizza-pie, WAFL-Burger, WAFL-Fries, WAFL sandwiches and many more, WAFL currently operates across 8 countries and is looking to expand its presence even more.With aptly trained and qualified staff along with the usage of new technology to achieve efficiency, WAFL has been able to successfully upgrade and adapt according to the locality they base themselves. Taking the art of restaurants to a whole new level WAFL is guaranteed to go beyond a mere dining facility. It becomes a whole new experience altogether.