Mr. Pierce Studios International offers a variety of specialized beauty treatment services for both Men, Women and Teenagers , such as EAR PIERCING – soft area, Helix, Industrial, Tragus, Daith, Rook, Anti Tragus, Snug, conch Body Piercing - Belly Piercing. Nose Piercing. Madonna Piercing, Lip piercing, Eye Brow Piercing, Tongue Piercing , Intimate Piercing with variety of Body Piercing Surgical grade & Titanium Jewelry. Tattoos - Permanent Tattoos, TEMPORARY TATTOS - (Airbrush 1 – 3 days) ,Glow in the dark temporary Party Tattoos , Temporary Glitter Tattoos, TATTOO REMOVAL, Temporary Tattoo coverings , Tattoo After care. FACIAL BAR offers with variety of facials with Guinot Paris, PERMANENT MAKEUP – Eye Brow , Eye Liner, Lip Liner, Beauty Spot, Latest technology in HAIR EXTENSIONS and variety of hair wigs to suit your needs , Rasta Braiding, Hair Braids, TOOTH GEMS, CAPILO Hair and Scalp Treatments - Miracle scalp SCAN & Treatment Introduction Action station with scalp treatments and Capilo Products on offer.If you are thinking of a day of your favorite pampering rituals, then this is the place for you.