Supported by 135 years of service in the food industry of Sri Lanka, Green Cabin has spread happiness to generations, through its signature pastries, mouthwatering cakes and bud tingling beverages. The legacy that began at the Pagoda Tea Rooms of the Colombo Harbour, has spread across the Colombo metropolis through 14 outlets and is now part of the One Galle Face experience. The Green Cabin restaurant features a diverse menu composed of the crispy prawn triangle, the spicy fish stuffed chili, the healthy focaccia vegetable sandwich, the classic pineapple gateau and much more. It serves popular Green Cabin beverages such as the fresh lime juice and the refreshing iced coffee. The modest prices coupled with the friendly ambiance, makes the Green Cabin outlet at One Galle Face the apt place to grab a quick bite or purchase some snacks for your loved ones. Driven by the core focus of creating fond memories and spreading happiness through the food we serve whilst honouring the company’s legacy since 1884, Green Cabin is open to everyone seeking to cherish a moment over a good treat.