‘Pick-A-Treat’ brings you the island’s best frozen yogurt and treats. Come create your own unique, one-of a kind treat using our wide range of toppings, Frozen Yogurt, French Pastries, Fruit-Mallow Skewers & Smoothies. “Our goal is not to merely satisfy you, but to leave you at AWE !!!” With Frozen Yogurt taking the world by storm, we bring you Sri Lanka’s first Self-Serve, Create yourself Frozen Yogurt Store. We thrive to bring you a one of a kind experience by offering you a wide range of selections and only offering the best of quality. At ‘Pick-A-Treat’ we believe in going beyond satisfying every customer, whether it is a juvenile kiddo or the veteran on the block. Our stores & business are designed in such a way that we know our customers would leave our store feeling that much better than when they arrive. “Leave feeling better than you arrive”