Genelle is synonymous with fashion and has gained the status of a must-have in the wardrobe of the discerning young lady. She is able to satisfy all her fashion footwear needs with a single brand that offers Style, Fashion, Durability and Comfort. Genelle is designed in line with emerging fashions around the world. Our inspirations stem from the world’s best fashion capitals and the trends observed. Designed with an eye for comfort our shoes are handcrafted with passion. We make sure that they provide not just style but absolute comfort as well. And shoes are renowned for durability. It is not a secret that our loyal customers no longer seek shoes anywhere else. We believe that women are extremely special and their feet need to be pampered as much as their face and body to create the ultimately beautiful “You”. Therefore we have taken it upon ourselves to understand the needs of the women in their extensive roles and be able to create “shoes” that pamper them where ever they are and whatever they do.