Fire Works is the name for quality kitchenware in Sri Lanka. Since inception, we have been in the trade of supplying reputed international brands from across the world. Some celebrated brands we distribute include Seki Hamono, a traditional knife maker from Osaka (Japan), Tramontina (Brazil), Victorinox (Switzerland), Westmark (Germany) and Kitchencraft (UK).We identified surging zeal for culinary arts and demand for international standard kitchenware, a need the market did not cater to. Hence, this outlet was established with the sole purpose of offering premium quality kitchenware to our expanding and diverse clientele of cooking enthusiasts who were displaying an avid interest in not just basic cooking, but gourmet-style cookery, sparked by popular reality television shows the likes of MasterChef and positive online social influences.Fire Works is all about rediscovering the joys of cooking with the best cookware and appliances within the comfort of your very own kitchen. We offer complimentary services with our products such as free lifetime knife sharpening and guarantee satisfaction with every purchase.Our belief is simple; we believe in pairing your passion for cooking great food with our finest kitchen equipment to take you on a grand epicurean journey of the senses!