Thet-Lounge & Bar by Dilmah will givethecustomer acompleterestaurant and bar experience with extendedtimings and comprehensivefood and beverage menusin a spacious but cosy atmosphere. In addition to the iconictreatsand snacksthat our lounges usually offer,there will be amouth-wateringrange of special new dishesdeveloped by celebrity Chef PeterKuruvitaoffered for breakfast, all-day and gourmet dining as well as bar sides. Our very own in-house chef will overlookevery one ofthese, adding thedelicatefinal touches themselves. The hot and chilled fine teas, t-mocktails, shooters and t-shakesthat constituteour beverages will be joined by a colourful and inspired array of t-cocktails, designed to give you a happy buzz. Of course, we like to let you take a bit of your t-experience home. For this,our set-up will includea retail section whereone can pick favourites fromDilmah’sendless variety of teas,or contribute towards our conservation projects by purchasing from the related range of literature published by Dilmah.