David Gram is the brand name synonymous with traditional snack products for nearly six decades of years in the industry in Sri Lanka.The proud owners of the biggest and the pioneering expertise of snack production has catered every treat and occasion in a historical timeline among the snack lovers. The long years of experience endowed on product development has become the secret of David’s success in preparations of unique and mouth-watering recipes that come in handy with freshness and crunchy texture.David’s business culture has been built recognizing customers in the sacred placeand its wide variety of product offerings are made to tease its customer’s taste buds with fresh and tantalizing flavors that come in sweet, spicy or savory in roasted and fried from, which are demanded for all party occasions and gatherings to cherish the ecstasy of indulgence.David Gram assures the highest quality in its production processes and material in order to achieve international standards to meet rising customer expectations with its commitment to ensure highest customer service excellence.The specialists in all types of peanuts, grams, mixtures, chips, bites and murukkus.