ROYAL CASHEWS King-Size Premium Quality Cashew Nuts is the result of twenty in the quest to create the perfect cashew experience.   Our award-winning nuts are hand-picked, hand sorted, and delicately flavored with premium ingredients to preserve the purity of the cashew, each of which is sustainably sourced from over 10,000 local farmers and harvested exclusively from Sri Lankan soil, a land world-renowned for the largest, milkiest cashew. And all products are certified with ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 22000 FSMS, HACCP & GMP internationally recognized certifications.   This product “ROYAL CASHEW” in dehydrated form and in 19 flavors with 642 different packing and as 101 gift items is packed to cater for both local & export market.  We invite you to share with us our national treasure.   ROYAL CASHEWS truly are the world’s finest.