At Segar Gallery our primary business is picture framing. We have a wide range of frames in all colors and sizes to meet every customer’s needs and budget.95% percent of our frames are made out of Polyurethane Fiber which is more durable than the traditional wood frames. The use of fiber frames also helps prevent the cutting of trees for the production of frames. However, we do have a few frames made of wood to help honor customers’ need. We also undertake orders to make custom wood frames out of Sri Lankan woods. Other than the typical frames using mount (matting) and glass, we also make box frames, stretch canvas paintings and mount carvings. In other words, we can frame almost anything you bring to us. We have oils on canvas, acrylics on canvas, water color paintings, black and white sketches to choose from & more. We also have a collection of old photograph prints of Sri Lanka for sale as well as other prints.