Pioneer fashion and lifestyle department store chain in Sri Lanka, ODEL, has evolved to be an internationally recognized fashion retailer housing its main flagship store in the heart of Colombo spanning across 33,000 square feet, plus having a 24 store footprint around the country. An iconic shopping destination for discerning shoppers, ODEL’s portfolio carries a wide array of home-grown brands as well as renowned international brands. Over the last two decades ODEL has heralded in a fashion revolution in the island, raising the bar higher each year. As a dynamic strategic business unit of the eminent Softlogic Holdings PLC, ODEL garners the group’s synergies to continuously improve the ODEL experience, inspiring its customers’ mind, body and soul. ______________________________________________________________ Click the icon below and use the OGF Promo Code OGFV071 to begin your OGF Virtual Shopping Experience! Please add the Promo Code in the Remarks section during checkout.