The development team

The Project Team

Callie Yah
General Manager

Clarence Tan
Project Director

Wong Tze Leung
Deputy Project Director

Wong Yoke Kun
Site Project Manager

Meilin Tan
Design Director

Neluka de Alwis
Head of Sales & Marketing - Residential

Faith Tan
Head of Leasing - Retail

Yamuna Jayaratne
Head of Leasing - Offices

Build and design partners

Project Architects

Chao Tse Ann & Partners Pte Ltd (Hotel)

DP Architects Pte Ltd (Residences, Retail & Offices)

Local Architect

MICD Associates(all phases)

Design Architects

Handel Architects LLP (Hotel)

Mapsdesign Pte Ltd (Residences)

DP Architects Pte Ltd (Retail & Offices)

Interior Designers

LRF Designers Limited (Hotel)

BTR (HK) Ltd (Residences & Offices)

DDG (Retail)

Landscape Designer

Bensley Design Studios International Consultants Co Ltd (all phases)